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  • Security & Operations

Broad Spectrum Information and Cyber Operations

Some of the most challenging issues an operations leader can face are currently squarely centered around cyberspace and its elements. This is one of Aspen Hawke's foundations of excellence and support.

Capability Building, Management, and Optimization

Building capability and capacity to meet operational needs can be risky. Aspen Hawke has broad and successful experience with creating and executing cutting-edge capabilities and transformation initiatives.

Cross-Sector Task Organization and Execution

Orchestrating multi-threaded projects with critical-path milestones is an Aspen Hawke foundational capability. The team excels at guiding, synchronizing and, when needed, leading these efforts.

About Us

Aspen Hawke Inc. (AH) is a technology centric company with support services spanning many hubs of research, development, and operations. The company provides services to both the corporate and government sectors with outreach to academia. AH provides consulting services or support staff to assist companies and government centers achieve maximum benefit or address critical issues in their operations.

AH is a "core-values" company headquartered out of Maryland, USA. The company's core values of Clean, Effective, and Premier drive every aspect of our operations and interactions. AH was founded and is focused on providing a unique flexible support system for the industry's upper tier professionals.

Why Us


AH endeavors to be as clean, clear, and simple as possible in all we do for both our customers and our employees. This core ethic and methodology guides us to provide the best possible experience.


Experience and adaptability make all the difference. The AH team knows that results and bottom lines are foundational needs and strives to ensure on-target performance, on-time, every time.


AH hires and builds a premier trust of team-centric professionals. With AH one enjoys access to decades of operational depth and experience needed for today's toughest and most complex issues.